Altimit Systems LTD

Altimit Systems is a UK based software studio that specialises in developing advanced multimedia products, including game technology and mobile app experiences.

Founded in 2016, Altimit Systems' goal is to create ultimate solutions for the technical challenges that are faced when creating cutting-edge technology.

Our first commercial product, UIView3D, demonstrates our commitment to achieving what most would consider impossible technical challenges. UIView3D brings interactive, native mobile user-interface components into 3D engines such as Unity® for display in highly dynamic 3D content such as Augmented and Virtual Reality applications.

Leading the developments of Altimit Systems is Felix Jones, who has previously worked on ground-breaking projects such as bringing the award-winning Brian Cox's Wonders Compilation to life on Android, with HarperCollins and the BBC. | Twitter @Xilefian | LinkedIn |

Here are just a few of the hundreds of projects containing Altimit Systems technology.

UIView3D by Altimit Systems

DisplayMapper by Projection Artworks

Swansea City Official App for Android

The Arsenal App for Android